Breaking the gigapixel barrier, using a 6MP camera and stitching a large number of images together. The result is quite amazing. This also has some (simulated) comparison between this resolution and other real resolutions. This sort of resolution is not really so far away as one might think, consider that the current resolution size is about 10MP, so multiply this by just 100 and you have 1GP. Now a factor of a hundred sounds a lot, but since sensors are not lines, they cover an area, so all that needs to be done is to multiply the number of sensors in each dimension by a factor of 10. This could be done today by making the sensor larger, roughly 4 to 8 inches across would do it (but then you're looking at a pretty big camera - but such large format cameras have been used before), or else if the sensor was made more dense we would have to wait about 6 to 9 years (circuits shrink by about a factor of 2 every 2 to 3 years). Sensor noise might be one limiting factor here, but I would think we would hit some sort of optical limit before this happens too. [1]